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We distribute Aluminum, Brass, Steel & more…


Save and have us machine the metal alloys we distribute

We are a ONE-STOP metal alloy distributor for all your raw material alloy needs and secondary process machining. We carry a wide range of Aluminum plate, Stainless Steel plate and Steel plate, steel round alloys as well as other metal alloys and materials.

Over 5 Million Dollars of Inventory Available

This means we can have your Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Carbon Steel, Magnesium, Steel Alloy, Tool Steel, PGFS / Drill Rods and even plastics like Delrin® AF Blend, ready to ship in 1 – 2 days.

Metal & Machining 1 – 2 Day Turnaround

Our quick turnaround of material delivery and secondary processes is what we specialize in.

We offer multiple types of machining, grinding and cutting along with custom metal fabrication. We do this to ensure our customers not only get the best metal alloy for their project but also the best finishes on that material.

Quality Metal Distribution Services & Custom Machining / Fabrication

We are committed to quality on every machining service provided and every metal alloy product shipped. Our goal is to be your partner in providing you the fastest Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and other alloy material distribution and secondary machining finishes.


Steel - Aluminum - Brass Distributor



Aluminum - Stainless Steel - Carbon Steel - Custom Fabrication - Machine Grinding


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Metal Alloy Distribution

Aluminum Grades: 2024, 6061, 7075, QC10®, MIC6®, Laminated Shim Stock

Carbon Steel Grades: A-36, 1020, FM15, FM45, 1045, 1018, 1060, 11L17, 12L14

Steel Grades: 4130, 4140, 8620, 4340, P-20

Stainless Steel Grades: 420, 410, 304, 303, 316

Tool Steel Grades: O-1, A-2, D-2, S7, A-6, Ground Flat, Custom GFS Sizes, Drill Rod

Other Alloy Materials: High Speed -High M & T-Type, Magnesium, Plastic, Copper, Bronze, Brass

Machining Services

In addition to Aluminum, Steel, Carbon Steel and other alloy distribution we offer a wide range of value added services: Blanchard Grinding, Centerless Grinding, Custom Metal Fabrication, CNC / Wire EDM Machining, Flame – Laser – Plasma Cutting – Water Jet Cutting, Hollow Bar – Seamless Mechanical Tubing , Industrial Knife – Blade manufacturing, Mattison Grinding and Saw Cutting. Our specialized machinists work with state-of-the-art equipment to handle simple to complex machined parts. In most cases we can turnaround your project in 1 – 2 days.

Distribution / Machining

  • Over 1 Million in inventory
  • 1 – 2 day turnaround for most projects
  • Same day delivery in some locations
  • We can Hollow Bar any material
  • Not seeing it – Call Us – We can find a way to make your project happen
  • “We’ve Got Your Back” is more than a slogan
  • One-stop for metals and finishing simplifies your logistic and vendor management

SPINOUT ® Patent Pending – Bucket Cleaning System

The bucket SPINOUT ® Patent Pending cleaning system is not only a solution for efficiently and quickly cleaning chemicals and other materials from a bucket into a collection drum.

It is an overall waste reduction system of both time and materials. Depending upon the volume outputted by your manufacturing facility or contracting business it is a safe bet that your employee’s spend a fair amount of time cleaning out buckets of material.

We also offer the SPINOUT ® Patent Pending in a Stainless Steel Food Grade Bucket Scraper version.

Industrial Bucket Scraper